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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sad News to Share: Owner of Milo's Cafe Lake Forest Restaurant Passed Away

I am saddened to report that Scott Sellman the owner of the recently opened Milo's Cafe restaurant has passed away at the age of 42.  Deepest Sympathy goes out to the Sellman family, friends and his restaurant staff.  Scott was so excited about creating a dog friendly restaurant so "Dog People" could gather and dine together.  I had the priviledge of meeting Scott before the restaurant opened about 6 months ago. 

News reported from OC Register:

LAKE FOREST – Scott Sellman, owner of Milo's Café in Foothill Ranch, has died. He was 42.
According to friends and family, Sellman was in his office at the restaurant doing paperwork when at around 8 p.m. Thursday he said he felt short of breath and dizzy. He leaned back in his chair and collapsed, said Louis Teng, a friend and business adviser, recounting the story of another friend who was in the office with Sellman at the time.
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Scott Selllman loved animals and the friendship they helped spark among people who owned them. He died on Thursday at Milo's Cafe, the restaurant he opened in March.
Otto Cedeno, Sellman's bother-in-law said the coroner told them at noon Friday that it appeared as though Sellman had an enlarged heart and died from a heart attack.
Sellman opened Milo's Café after a yearlong effort to find just the right spot. Initially, he tried to open up at a new center built at Muirlands Boulevard and Ridge Route Drive. Those efforts were stopped by nearby neighbors who complained to the Planning Commission about potential traffic, noise and liability issues that might result from the restaurant and its outdoor play area for dogs.
The Planning Commission ruled against the restaurant for a different issue, noting that the patio would have to be built too close to the intersection. Sellman appealed the ruling to the City Council, which sided with the Planning Commission.
Sellman eventually found the spot in Foothill Ranch when Fuddrucker's left the shopping center on Rancho Parkway that houses 24 Hour Fitness and the Home Depot. Sellman worked 16-hour days for months to create the restaurant environment he wanted – a dog-friendly eatery where people could get healthy food. His dog Milo, a 2-year-old shar pei-bulldog mix, was the project's mascot.
Sellman replaced Fuddrucker's red carpet with porcelain tile, installed a dog-bone shaped bar and a half dozen 50-inch flat screen TVs. Andy Warhol dog art hangs on the wall, mixed in with family photos and pictures of Sellman's dogs, Milo and Jake, a pug.
The dogs were the inspiration for the restaurant, Selllman once said. He called the dogs the great ambassadors of friendships between people. Sellman embraced the pet community, holding weekly fundraisers with groups such as Barks of Love, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, Orange County Bulldog Rescue, Desperate Paws and Friends of Lake Forest Animals.
When the tsunami hit Japan on March 11, Sellman put out a call for donations and gathered several thousand pounds of dog food for Desperate Paws of Orange County, a Newport Beach-based dog club that shipped the food to Japan.
"Scott Sellman was a remarkable man who dedicated his entire restaurant to dogs and to helping our needy dog community," Desperate Paws founders Stephen and Brandi Terry said on Friday. "His dedication to local rescue groups, the Blankets of Love Program, to our Paw It Forward Campaign as well as our pet relief effort for Japan helped benefit dogs and cats greatly. He will be missed and we send our heart felt condolences to his family."
Tiffany Norton, director of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, said she enjoyed working with Sellman and found his love for rescue dogs to be contagious.
"I knew him as an unselfish, honorable man who deeply wanted to give back to the community," Norton said. "He will be greatly missed by all."
Wendy Rashall, who owns pet-grooming service Furry Best, remembered Sellman's love for animals.
"There was such a look of pure joy on his face every single time he gazed at his beloved Milo or Jake," said Rashall, who oversees the dogs that play on the restaurant's patio. "Wherever he is now, I know he is finding comfort and joy surrounded by four-legged creatures that adore him. "
Councilman Scott Voigts regularly visited Sellman at Milo's Cafe.
"I'm in schock," Voigts said upon hearing the news on Friday. "Over the last few months Scott has become a true friend. He was a wonderful and caring human being. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those of us that new him."
Sellman's wife Grace will continue to run Milo's Café, Cedeno said.
"He believed in his business and helping people," he said. "He believed in charities and wanted to make sure all pets had a home. His vision will continue."
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you Looking for Wet Kisses, a Happy Tail, and Unconditional Love?

If you can commit your life to having a dog in your life to offer you love and companionship, then please rescue a puppy or dog from Barks of Love Rescue of Fullerton, CA. 
You must be committed to love and provide for this wonderful addition for up to approximately 20 years.  Your special new addition is NEVER to be ABUSED, STARVED, ABANDONED or treated in-humanly ever!   In return for your love and commitment, you will receive unconditional love, unlimited kisses and tail wags. 
If your time is limited or you cannot commit fully to a dog, consider becoming a foster parent on a short term basis until the dog can be placed in a permanent “furever” home.
Visit Barks of Love Booth this Weekend at America’s Family Pet Expo (Friday to Sunday April 15th-17th) at OC Fair and Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA  92626
I am volunteering at Barks of Love Booth this Saturday, April 16th from 10-2- I hope to see you there!

Monday, March 21, 2011

To Patrick with Love and Hope for the future! Animal Cruelty at its worst

Patrick today March 21st


March 21, 2011
This blog is dedicated to Patrick a dog who was discarded by his owner aka scum bag, worst human ever who purposefully starved the dog near death and put his near lifeless body in a garbage bag and threw it down 22 stories through the garbage shut.  He surely has endured the most painful suffering that any soul could ever imagine—he was starved by his owner with the intent of killing the dog by starvation.  This has got to be the worst story of animal cruelty that I have ever come across.  To subject your dog to a slow and painful death by starvation is senseless beyond words and deserves the most severe punishment—should this worthless excuse for a human be caught!   I can only imagine that this dog was starved for a period of a couple of months or so.  I am sure “the owner” must have stuffed his face in front of the poor dog who had to watch him eat.  The poor did not get any food (not to mention love), but probably also had to see and smell food being cooked and eaten in front of him.  Dogs have thoughts and feelings too, so this must have been pure torture for him.  I supposed when the so called owner finally thought the dog had endured enough starvation and was close to death, he put the dog (slightly more than skin and bones) in bag and sent it down his garbage shoot to be picked up b the trash collector.   

Thank goodness Patrick did not give up and still had enough life in him that he made enough noise that caught the trash collector’s attention.  His life was not meant to end under such horrid conditions.  He still has his life to live and love to give to his savior who ends up adopted him when his is better.  Fortunately for Patrick his darkest days are now over as he is now receiving the finest medical care and has the love and support of thousands of well wishers and Rescue Organizations that want to help him.  May each day that passes make Patrick stronger as he gains his health bag.  Patrick’s pain and suffering is over now and hopefully soon he will find true happiness in his new “Furever” home.   
This is an actual story that happened in New Jersey.  The depths to which human depravity can sink, as illustrated by this story of the most gut wrenching pictures can shock even those of us who have seen the worst of the worst.  The misery, pain and callousness inflicted by humans is more than can be understood by most people. It's accepted that many people do not like animals or dogs or pit bulls in particular. However, the heartless manner in which a dying animal is tossed away like garbage is not only reprehensible but the increase that we have seen indicates a downward spiral of compassion, moral fiber and ethics.  The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had no more use for this dog. They had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compacter. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside -- pathetically thin, cold and near death.
The City of Newark Animal Control was contacted and ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and brought him directly to the Society. The veterinary staff immediately put him on intravenous fluid.  His temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermometer. He was covered with heating pads and blankets. Society vet tech Gina DeSalvo held the pit bull in her arms -- she soothed him, gave him warmth, comfort and bits of food. From that moment on, he looked up with gratitude in his eyes to all of the staff after a brief time at the Society's Newark facility; he was ambulanced to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls -- a referral hospital with 24 hour emergency care. If he died during that night, we feel he would know that everyone loved and cared about him and treated him gently and lovingly. He amazed everyone at the Society and at Garden State by surviving with the 24 hour emergency care that they rendered. He was given a blood transfusion, a bath -- and even a walk! In honor of the first day of his re-birth, we call him Patrick -- in honor of St. Patrick's Day and we hope he has the luck of the Irish!
Today, Patrick continues to his recovery and is fighting to get stronger each day and hanging in there.  When he was first brought into the emergency center he laid there pretty much lifeless.  The staff began feeding him small amounts of food throughout the day and IV treatments.  His liver and kidneys tested okay and his blood volume is improving.  He is now able to sit up and walk with assistance.
Sign the petition for Patrick to allow justice to be served against this horrible person:
Contact directly: Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls 732-922-0011 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting to make a donation to his recovery Or donate via PayPal to this site:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why I joined Life’s Abundance as an Independent Field Representative

I joined Life’s Abundance as an Independent Field Representative in July, 2010 because I wanted to provide my pets with wholesome and nutritious foods.  Because I love my 3 dogs and 1 cat as much as my own kids, I want them to be around as long as possible.  It was not my original intention to sell the food but within 2 months I knew that I had to sell the food!  My pets love it!  I was buying 3 different kinds of food from a pet store (Large breed food, small breed food and puppy food) which I thought was the right thing to do to meet the exact nutritional needs of my dogs.  With Life’s Abundance the food is “perfectly” nutritionally balanced for all dogs at all life stages--- same with the cat food.  None of my pets were eating any can food before I joined Life’s Abundance, but now all 4 of my pets get to enjoy the delicious can food as well as the dry food which work together to provide all of their essential nutrients and will extend their lives so much longer now that they are on the right food.
Dr. Jane Bick’s is a Holistic Veterinarian that formulated all of the products.  Dr. Jane believe that Dogs and cats have the genetic potential to live into their 20's, yet most die between 13 to 15 years because of the food most pets eat.   A good comparison is that you would not feed your children McDonald’s fast food every day, but to them it tastes good—but it is not nutritionally balanced to be able to eat every day.
Life’s Abundance includes only Fresh, Natural, and Wholesome Ingredients in their food:
Providing your pets with concentrated Nutrition in Every Bowl!
* Powerful Antioxidants like Pomegranate Extract
* Pure Digestible Protein Sources
* Chelated Minerals for 40% better absorption
* Five Live Probiotics (friendly bacteria)
* Omega 3 Fatty Acids for a healthy skin and coat
* FRESH your food is usually less than 6 weeks old
* Made in an APHIS certified USDA Plant

Life’s Abundance products have never been recalled!
Are Made and Delivered Fresh
NO Chemical Preservatives
NO Corn, Wheat, or Soy
NO By Products
USA Human Quality Ingredients

Are NOT found in stores. They are shipped fresh to your door direct from Dr. Jane's pristine facilities.

Only Fresh, Natural, Wholesome Ingredients

Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Carrots, Apples, Spinach, Celery, Alfalfa Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Powerful Antioxidants, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals
NO Chemicals, NO Fillers, Nothing Artificial!

USA Ingredients Never Recalled

If, for any reason, your purchase is not satisfactory, we will gladly replace it or refund your money

Friday, March 11, 2011

Remember to Spay & Neuter all your petz!

Remember to Spay & Neuter all your petz!  Don't let your pet be like Octomom!  Puppies and kittens are cute but we don't need a pet population explosion!

Meet the Barks of Love Dogs at Milo's Cafe on March 12!

March 12 - We will be CENTER STAGE at the opening of Milo's Cafe, a dog friendly restaurant with an off leash patio!  We will be there with 3-4 dogs and information about how you can help, so bring your dog and enjoy the fun!  Barks of Love will only be there from 10am - 1pm.
Address: 26771 Rancho Pkwy , Lake Forest
Lilly & Lexie, Macy, Tessa and Sammy are just some that may join us there and they are also featured in this week’s attached flyer so please share them with all your family & friends along with some of the other Barks of Love Dogs
If you've ever wanted to foster, now's the time.  There are many dogs at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, or any other Orange County Shelter, that we would ♥ to pull and rescue.  If you are interested please email us at and feel free to look at the dogs on their list and let us know who you may be willing to help. WE work with YOU to pick the best match ♥
Choose Life's Abundance Premium Healthy Food &Treats: